Is  your business looking to upgrade your commercial fleet? Are you considering adding Electric Vehicles? Are you in need of installing a Commercial EV Charging Station?

For decades electric cars were for example a little more than a persistent rumour; like a sci-fi favourite, such as the flying car. That is to say, while the dream of the flying car has remained little more than a science fiction fantasy.  It is the electric car that has gradually, taken its place on the roadways of the developed world.

Globally, the number of electric vehicles, or EVs, on the road recently surpassed 2 million.  In addition, industry experts believe that number will increase to between 10 and 20 million by the year 2020.


Affordable Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

Delta Energy Solutions installs Commercial EV Charging Stations for commercial customers in Ontario.  Have you have purchased or will soon be purchasing electric vehicles for your transportation and logistic fleet? We offer an array of EV Charging Station tailored to suit the needs of your commercial property.  Be it an office complex, retail store, production facility, hospital, hotel, or subsequently a multi-unit residential development. It is Delta Energy Solutions will take the time required to work closely with your fleet manager, in addition to other members of your team.  Collectively we will determine the proper type and placement of the Commercial EV Charging Stations to be installed. As Delta Energy Solutions are not manufacturers we are free to recommend and install the absolute best Commercial EV Charging Stations for your particular situation.

Contact us today at Delta Energy Solutions as we understand your need to contain costs and will demonstrate for you exactly why we consider the system we’re recommending to be your best long term investment.


Why choose Delta Energy Solutions

There are a number of reasons why installing Commercial EV Charging Stations by Delta Energy Solutions makes sense; For instance:

  • Offers unparalleled convenience for your electric fleet.
  • Ensures your fleet is always properly energized.
  • Demonstrates your company is environmentally aware.
  • In addition to demonstrating that yours is a forward looking company.

Contact us now to schedule a site assessment and see how a Commercial EV Charging Station will best suit your your business requirements.  Our site assessment package includes a system design and estimate for you.

We here at Delta Energy Solutions can help you plan your Commercial EV Charging Stations installation. The end final result will be money back in your pocket.

Hotel EV Charging Stations

There are so many reasons to install Hotel EV Charging Stations at your property.  Did you know for instance the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road continues to increase . Therefore so does the demand for charging stations. Currently there are more than 10,000 EVs on the road in Ontario alone.  As a result, when EV owners travel to stay-cation, they require hotels with a Hotel EV Charging Stations. Yet, consequently only a handful of publicly accessible charging stations for those vehicles exist today. In a province as large as Ontario it is a problem. It is also a very large opportunity. By installing Hotel EV Charging Stations...

Condo EV Charging Stations

Wtih the number of electric vehicles (EVs) continuing to increase year on year, more condo associations are fielding requests to install charging stations. It might seem like a straightforward request that would elicit a straightforward response.  However, as it turns out it’s not that simple.  Many condo board members are simply not familiar with the technology.  In addition to knowing all what’s involved in a condo EV Charging Station installation. At Delta Energy Solutions, this type of request of service occurs on an almost daily basis.  We find that nothing breaks down resistance like a few facts. We make clear presentations that...
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